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Meet Lee, 

I have been following Lee for years now and she carries such grace. She has a peaceful presence that you can just feel through your screen. She is humble and kind and Im lucky to call her a friend or a fellow Canadian gal-pal (even though we've yet to meet in real life!). 

She makes sustainable living so simple and accessible. If any of my 3D-life friends start asking me about shopping sustainably or ethically she is the first person I send them to. 

If you don't follow her already, I highly suggest wandering over to her blog and catching up on some of her posts.

Tell us about yourself? Name, few facts about yourself and a little bit about what you’re passionate about (like a little icebreaker)

Hi! I’m Lee (the Bee as my friends call me) and I live in Canada (southern Ontario) with my partner Dave, a corgi, and a cat. I’m passionate about personal style, thoughtful closet curation, and making every item earn its keep. I love digging into the details that make clothing special and finding beauty and contentment in simplicity. I write about all that on my blog Style Bee.  

What piece did you choose from the collection and why?

I’m lucky to have a couple of EMLEE treasures in my collection but my favourite has to be the Reah Wrap Top in our special edition hand-dyed Sage green. This top honestly feels like me in garment form. I love that it’s a little bit different and has special details while still being super comfortable and infinitely versatile. It’s the type of piece that evolves with you and how you choose to wear it can be different every time.


What is one ritual that you do to spark joy in your daily routine? 

Every single morning I walk our dog, Dobby, around the neighbourhood and if we’re lucky, Dave will join us. Dobby and I both look forward to it, even when the weather isn’t pretty. We make our way out the door, with a treat & a coffee in hand, and we both return ready to take on the day (or in Dobby’s case, nap on the couch lol).


What is one way you help yourself break out of a “funk”?

I’m not all that domestically inclined but I find baking really helps me break out of a funk. I like rules so the regimented element of baking suits me. I get lost in the process and then when I’m done there is *usually* something delicious to enjoy! 

What is something you do just for your own fun?

I love floral photography. Whether it’s creating an arrangement in my home office or going for a walk around the neighbourhood to see the gardens in bloom. I just take snaps with my phone and even if no one sees them, I know I’ve collected a little moment of beauty.

Are you learning/trying anything new right now?

I’m trying to brush up on my French. Je parle un petit peu de français.

What is one thing you love about your signature look?

It’s both unique and comfortable. I guess that’s two things lol. 

What is the complement you get most often?

Your pets are so cute! I mean, who could argue that?

What does living ethically and sustainably look like practically in your life?

It means staying open to learning and trying to do better without judgement. It also means making the most of what I already have and practicing gratitude instead of focusing on what’s missing. 


Who do you think we should be following for an extra dose of happy in our feed? 

@styleisstyle - The best when it comes to fresh colour palettes. 

@gramparents - Stylish older folks doing their thing. 

@hart_floral - A floral design studio that does the most incredible arrangements.

@theasherhouse - A guy traveling in a Skoolie with 10 rescue dogs. So many snouts and shenanigans!

Go shop the special collab Rhea top in Sage and visit Lee's blog while you're at it.

Here's her instagram too: @leevosburgh

Much love,