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Welcome to the very first post of our new Ambassador features. 

EMLEE ambassadors embody that glow that you can't quite put a finger on. They have voices that feel like friends - they truely feel like real people. They are kind, thoughtful, hilarious and beautiful.

The questions each Ambassador answers are the same - sharing how EMLEE values how up in their day-to-day.

Meet Constance Farro. 

She is a mermaid queen and Im so lucky to call her a treasured friend. She is so kind and gentle and transparent - one of those people who are as beautiful on the ouside as they are on the inside. Our 3 years olds are the real-deal best buds and our "Farron" family times are memory makers.

Here are her answers:

My name is Constance Farro. I am a mama to two sweet, affectionate kiddos, I am a wife to the most tender hearted and hilarious man, I LOVE food, cooking and baking, but am obsessed with doughnuts. My husband and I own our own doughnut business here in Nashville, TN and we even got married on National Doughnut Day 5 years ago! 

What piece did you choose from the collection?

I chose the Reah top because I love my Thea top, but it’s way too hot to wear long sleeves in the southern heat and I fell in love with the puffy sleeve detail the second I laid eyes on it. In general, I have a thing for sleeves. I love that I can pair it with so many different kinds of bottoms - high waisted jeans or pants or a skirt, but I love wearing it with my favorite high waisted jeans. I love that I can wear it day or night, casual or dressed up and I can’t wait to wear it out for a date night with my hubs!

What is one ritual that you do to spark joy in your daily routine?

I recently started to wake up before my kids do on most days, read a personal development book and get a quick workout in. Right now I am reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and it has literally changed me into a morning person who actually looks forward to getting up and working out before my kids wake up. 

What is one way you help yourself break out of a “funk”?

I love doing Peloton workouts because I get a good sweat in and the instructors are basically motivational speakers and I want to be friends with them all. You asked for one, but I’m giving two because sometimes I will ask my three year old son Indigo to tell me a story. He loves telling stories and I get lost in his beauty and creativity. There’s something about experiencing joy through the eyes of a child that resets your whole being and everything else just melts away. 

What is something you do just for your own fun?

I love to cook and bake out of my friend Laura Lea’s cookbooks. 

Are you learning/trying anything new right now?

I’m learning that any kind of growth is uncomfortable and that I’d rather be uncomfortable growing than to not experience growth in my life at all.

What is one thing you love about your signature look?

I always dress for comfort 

What is the complement you get most often?

That I have really great hair 

What does living ethically and sustainably look like practically in your life?

We just moved into a new house and purchased all new household supplies (from laundry detergent to all purpose sprays to dish/dishwasher soap and even deodorant) that are nontoxic and sustainable from a local company called The Good Fill. My husband and I also purged our closets and have been able to donate or sell a lot, but we mainly have loved being able to choose wardrobe staples that not only support small businesses or local clothing brands, but that are a part of the slow fashion industry. 

What is one thing you recently learned for the first time about ethical or sustainable living, that has directly impacted your daily living?

There are so many reusable or eco friendly alternatives to the things that I consume the most and making the conscious decision to make the switch gives me a sense of empowerment. 

Follow her @constancefarro

Order their donuts here - you wont regret it

Thank you so much Conny - I <3 U

- Emily